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5 Plus 1 Reasons Addition is Better Than Subtraction


DIET…a four letter word that conjures images of celery stalks and sad salads.  As soon as we focus on what we need to give up (subtraction) from our eating plans, we start to feel deprived.  But what if we put our attention on the addition of some fabulous foods?  Hey, would you like to add some fresh, aromatic, delicious foods to your diet?  Yes, please!


  1. Adding healthy choices limits the space for less healthy choices.  I call this preventative eating.  Going to a party where you know you will be tempted to indulge?  Before you go, eat some steamed vegetables to ensure you get some nutrients in your body before indulging in party food.
  2. Adding clean drinking water helps the cells to perform their cellular processes and may increase a sense of fullness.
  3. Adding variety of color to your diet means you will be getting a broad spectrum of nutrients and just looks darn pretty.  Taste the rainbow…of fruits and veges, that is.
  4. Adding variety of texture in the foods you eat may help satisfy cravings and offset an impending nutritional nosedive.  For example: if I’m agitated, I might choose to nom something crunchy.  If I’m wanting the sensation of comfort, I may choose the warm, smooth texture of mashed yams with coconut oil.
  5. Adding variety of flavors is at the root of food choice in Traditional Chinese Medicine.  Eating from the five flavors means including foods that are sour, bitter, sweet, acrid (spicy,) or salty.  Many books have been written on this topic and your holistic healthcare professional can guide you towards the one that is right for you.
  6. Adding a calm environment to your meal time allows you to pay attention to what you’re eating and enjoy it.  Stop working.  Step away from the technology.  Sit down.  Chew your food.  Rest and digest.  I know, I know; if you are raising and routinely eating with small children, you may have to settle for “chew your food.”  Work into the calm environment as best you can.

A few of my favorite books relate to healthful eating are:

  • The book of Jook; Chinese Medicinal Porridges.  author, Bob Flaws
  • Japanese Foods That Heal.  authors, John & Jan Belleme
  • Healing with Whole Foods: Asian Traditions and Modern Nutrition.  author, Paul Pitchford
  • The World’s Helthiest Foods.  author, George Mateljan
  • Gut and Psychology Syndrome.  Natasha Campbell-McBride


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