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Gentle, focused touch

So thorough, always professional.  SuZen has been working on two old injuries, a shoulder and a hip.  Biweekly sessions have kept chronic pain and spasms to a minimum.  SuZen has a gentle, focused touch and knows how to read tissue based on what she feels. It is such a gift to be able to zero in on those points!  And

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Hip and Leg Pain Relief

Before I went to Suzen my legs and hips were in lots of pain and I was not a happy person. After my appointments with Suzen I am much better and happier and my pain level is almost gone.  Thanks for being a caring person and so good at what you do. yeah. I wish you well in your new... Read more »

Neuropathy Relief

SuZen, is wonderful , the treatment my mother has received has helped my mother tremendously. My mother was not able to walk due to neuropathy and resting at her bedtime was very difficult . After several treatments, she is so much better.

Larissa P.

smart cookie

Susan is awesome…I was a bit of a skeptic but after just 4 sessions I have noticed a change in the way I feel every day. Susan explains everything so a normal person can understand it, and this lady is one smart cookie. It is definitely worth your time to meet her and discuss your issues and goals.


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