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Acupuncture in O’Fallon, IL

Susan J Grumbine, LAc


So thorough, always professional.  SuZen has been working on two old injuries, a shoulder and a hip.  Biweekly sessions have kept chronic pain and spasms to a minimum.  SuZen has a gentle, focused touch and knows how to read tissue based on what she feels. It is such a gift to be able to zero in on those points!  And acupuncture works on so many levels!  SuZen has also treated my spleen, digestive system, and immune system and all have benefitted.  Acupuncture has been such a wide ranging gift for my body, mind and spirit.

Melissa D.

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About Acupuncture

acu-presentation  Click on this link for my power point presentation on how Acupuncture can benefit you!

5 Plus 1 Reasons Addition is Better Than Subtraction

5 Plus 1 Reasons Addition is Better Than Subtraction

DIET…a four letter word that conjures images of celery stalks and sad salads.  As soon as we focus on what we need to give up (subtraction) from our eating plans, we start to feel deprived.  But what if we put our attention on the addition of some fabulous foods?  Hey, would you like to add some fresh, aromatic, delicious foods to your diet?  Yes, please!


Adding healthy choices limits the space for less healthy choices.  I call this preventative eating.  Going to a party where you know you will be tempted to indulge?  Before you go, eat some steamed vegetables to ensure you get some nutrients in your body before indulging in party food. Adding clean drinking water helps the cells to perform their cellular processes and may increase a sense of fullness. Adding variety of color to your diet means you will be getting a broad spectrum… Read more »

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