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Pain relief, headache and insomnia

It would be great if all healthcare providers were like Susan! She has given me relief of severe pain from a surgery due to an automobile accident. Susan also helped with headaches and insomnia conditions I had due to the accident and mental anguish I’ve had resulting from it. Truly wonderful to finally find someone that really cares about her patients and truly enjoys what she does. She’s very smart, very skilled and very patient and fun to talk to about good things in life, exercise, and foods beneficially to good health which is always a plus!

Susan has addressed any questions I have for her at each appointment and actually spends her personal time researching things I’ve asked her about. She has inquired with her other colleagues regarding my conditions to broaden her knowledge and skills and assist her with my treatments. I never feel rushed during my visits and treatments are super relaxing. I always leave feeling so much better than when I walked in and actually often take a nap when I get home (something I haven’t done for years.)

She specifically inquires about and addresses conditions and explains how they are treated in Traditional Chinese Medicine. I knew nothing about acupuncture or Chinese medicine before I first went to see Susan and now tell everyone I know of her excellent care!

Mark G.

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