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3 Awesome Things

3 Awesome Things oranges-01-300x294.jpg

It’s a good start that can lead to an awesome outcome.  Focusing on the positive in situations can be a real boost.  I know, I know…some days or situations are just really crappy.  However, if you can focus on a limited number of beneficial actions you take to promote your health, you may just end up writing your very own prescription for wellness.

If you’re at all like me then you know what happens when I try to eliminate the negative…no chips, no fried foods, no Netflix binging.  Suddenly I MUST have chips!  I must see ALL the episodes!  …and so on.

Focusing on the positive reframes the situation and puts me in a place of power to live in health.  Rather than “Poor me, I can’t have this,” I think, “I’m going to indulge in more of this.  I’m going to enjoy more of that.”  I look to drinking more water, choosing more leafy-greens, spending more time in nature, eating more anti-inflammatory foods, moving my body more and spending time in gratitude.  Scarcity creates a sense of dread.  Abundance gives us the sense of having a smorgasbord of good choices.

So, I task you with writing down 3 awesome things you did for yourself today.  Then, carry that forward to the next day and so on.  Pretty soon those positive choices crowd out the space for junk.  You’ll find yourself with a darn good list of choices you enjoy making and rewarding yourself with health!

What 3 Awesome things did you choose for yourself today?

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